I have found that it is often beneficial to outsource some jobs, not because they are unimportant or boring, but rather because my time is important in relation to running my various businesses, While I like to be hands-on in many facets, there are simply only 24 hours in a day and I can only work the same amount as anyone else in that time.

I naturally do my best to achieve as much as possible and know that in order to be as productive as possible;e, some tasks need to be outsourced to others to make sure that others are doing the simpler tasks while I am working on planning and further business development. Too often, people are said to be working in their businesses rather than on them.


I have found that I can spend many hours a day doing repetitive tasks that can be managed by others while I let go of those strings and develop better and greater business channels to improve profitability and success.

In addition, by outsourcing, I m also able to help others in the form of keeping them employed while I work on my bigger projects that need my time and thought.


Getting to this state of thought has taken me quite some time as I am naturally one who did not like to delegate, and rather do it all myself. It has taken time and patience to see the error of my thinking that way and to see the benefits of having others help me. It is a slow process for me, but I am getting there.

I know that sometimes when we are starting out, we may not have the extra funds to pay others, but this does improve as we progress further along our business pathway.

I have found that when I developed one of my other businesses in website hosting, that I neede to delegate my efforts to help make my many projects possible to complete in a timely manner. It was just about being clear about the goals I would complete for the day, and the tasks I would pass on to others to complete for me as well. It is actually quite liberating and is the reason why I believe in working with Virtual Assistants.



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